Orchid Jewelry Marquise Yellow Cubic Zirconia 925 Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring Daith Hoop Earrings



SIMPLY ELEGANCE C The Sterling Silver Ring For Women Are Designed To Give New Dynamics To The Word Simple 925 Lavender CZ Ring Are A Perfect Cocktail Of Simple 925 Sterling Silver And The Beautiful Yellow Gemstone. These Ring Are Elegant And Are Carved To Enhance The Inner Beauty Of Ladies.

HANDCRAFTED GEMS – Every Piece Of Solid Sterling Silver Birthstone Ring Is Handcrafted By The Highly-Skilled Professionals And Creative Team Of Designers. Handmade Sterling Silver Ring Are Firstly Designed By The Top-Notch Jewelry Designers And Then Handcrafted By The Jewel-Smiths.

STYLE STATEMENT – If You Want To Create A STYLE STATEMENT That Should Be Followed By All Your Friends, Then Investing In Unique Sterling Silver Birthstone Ring With The Charm Of Lavender CZ Is What You Need. Just Wear The Unique Sterling Silver Ring On Your Next Get Together, And Trust Us, All Your Friends Will Notice.

APRIL BIRTHSTONE RING ~ Lavender CZ Silver Ring Are The Birthstone Ring For The Lovely Ladies Who Are Born In April Birthstone. Wearing The Lavender CZ Ring, April Birthstone Born Women Can Bring Prosperity And Loyalty In Their Lives. Especially, April Birthstone Born Girls Who Are Planning To Buy Their First Ring Should Definitely Buy Birthstone Ring For Themselves.

GOES WITH YOUR EVERY LOOK ~ It Doesn’T Matter Whether You Are Wearing A Cocktail Gown, Jeans, Or Any Traditional Attire, The Cute Sterling Silver Birthstone Ring Can Complement You. No Need To Change Your Ring Every Time With Your Costume As Yellow Gemstone Ring Can Go With Your Every Look.

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