Mini Coin Holder Real Baby Earrings Quiges Shiny Gold Stainless Steel Ring



?MATERIALS? The main material used in this mini coin ring is authentic high quality polished stainless steel. A great material if you have sensitive skin, to maintain bright colours and ensure more sustainability and quality control. Enjoy your jewellery piece a lot longer!

?VARIATIONS? The mini coin ring set is available in four colours: silver, rose gold, gold and black. It is also available with or without sparkling zirconia stones in the edge of the ring and in a matte or shiny steel finish.

?MINI COIN RING? This set comes with a 0.47” mini coin as shown in the main image. All of the parts are also available separately!

?INTERCHANGEABLE? The mini coin collection is an exchangeable jewellery concept with endless combinations. The mini coins form the basis of the design and they come in various colours, materials and models. So start mixing and matching

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