Men Women Hypoallergenic Yellow Shoe Strings Screw Stud Earrings Set



GOOD QUALITY – High-quality Stainless Steel, Safty material, No Harm to Human’s Body. Convenient to Open or Close, Do Not Need to Open With Tools,Won’t Break Easily Great Plating,Polished Surgical Steel Clicker Hoop for Ear Piercing, Suitable for Men Women

BIRTH OF SCREW NAIL EARRINGS – Made of stainless steel,wearing time can be longer and easy to take care. The minimalist design makes it easier to wear and take off and won’t be easily lost. You can choose the right size for you, get 5 colors small hoop earrings set at once. Different colors make you have different styles.The superb polishing process makes it very attractive to wear on your earlobe.

WILD MATCHING EARRINGS – You don’t have to do anything special with your hair or clothes. Just wear this small hoop earrings on your ears and it will make you stand out. Believe in the beauty of simplicity. Our jewels are small and the minimalist design does not suppress any style. Both men and women can wear on their ears.When you dress yourself up, organize your hairstyle and get ready to go out,with the embellishment of this hoop earring, you are the most special one!

PERFECT JEWELRY SELECTION – Are you still hesitating to choose what kind of jewelry to decorate yourself? Trust me, this rivet stud earring is designed for you. Earrings can be worn with all face types.Before you get it,maybe you just pierced your ears, maybe you have been wearing some exaggerated earrings before.But you can try this novelty earring now and change your style.No one will refuse to be better.

RIGOROUS WORK ATTITUDE – Excellent products need to be accompanied by a seriously attitude. We always check each pair of earrings before packing and manually check if the bukle can be easily opened.Repeat an action on average hundreds or even thousands of times a day, long hours of work can also make us feel tired. However, the careful inspection is our principle. Ingenious edgy earrings are worn on your earlobe to push your sense of fashion to new heights.

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