Fourth Of July Earrings Orchid Jewelry 2.30 CTW 2MM Round Red Cubic Zirconia 925 Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring



? Pure Silver ~ The gorgeous silver garnet & cubic zirconia rings are made of the fine quality of 925 silver. 925 sterling silver rings are handcrafted with the trademark quality of silver. 925 sterling silver garnet & cubic zirconia rings are rare and can give a bedazzled look to your pretty hands.

? Handmade Charm ~ Womens sterling silver rings are carved by the skilled designers and artists using the traditional techniques. Handmade sterling silver rings manufacturing process is furnished manually, and thats why the quality of the silver rings is beyond imagination.

? Suitable for All Occasions ~ Ladies, sterling silver rings are suitable for all the occasions due to their fine look and unique design. These red & white color garnet & cubic zirconia silver rings can be your companion for the regular office gathering or the high-class cocktail parties. Unique silver rings can be a gift for the special women present in your life, or it can be the charm of your vanity as well.

? Birthstone Impact ~ red & white color garnet & cubic zirconia rings for women are also referred & white to as the January & April birthstone rings. garnet & cubic zirconia birthstone rings are surrounded by the healing and numerous other positive properties of the garnet & cubic zirconia stone which are very beneficial for the people who are born in the month of the January & April.

? Home of garnet & cubic zirconia ~ The gorgeous garnet & cubic zirconia stone embedded in the silver rings are mined from almost all over the world including Brazil, Australia, North America, Sri Lanka and many countries of Africa. The citrine stone of Congo, Tanzania, and Madagascar are unique and most popular among the jewel designers.

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