Doughnut Ring Steampunkers USA Stone Wheelies Cvs Earrings 20-22 Inch



AVENTURINE: Commonly found in a variety of natural colors including red, white, yellow, and green. Most commercially available blue and purple stones are dyed. Before modern chemical testing many varieties of accepted Jade were aventurine. Now only Neprite or Jadeite are considered real Jades although parts of China still call all types Jade. Other Names: new jade, dongling jade, and afghan jade. Considered a lucky stone in many cultures.

SIZE: 1.18 x 1.18 x 0.20 inches

ADJUSTABLE COMFORTABLE CORD: Soft Black Polyester Woven Washable Cord approximately 20-24 hypoallergenic and safe. Stainless Steel Clip Bails are stronger and resist bending.

HAND SELECTED QUALITY: Each Semi precious stone is inspected for best quality by Steampunkers USA. Each Stone with a pin connection is checked for optimum adhesion. Real Gemstones have natural variations, but will be similar as possible to the photo.

MADE IN THE USA GIFTS: Beautiful Classic Necklace Pendant Charm for Women Men Girls Friend. Suits a lot of styles such as bohemian, vintage, cute, trendy, romantic, casual, formal, and sporty. Natural Crystals are very durable and made of stones millions of years old and were traditionally used for chakra healing, energy, and for Luck. It’s a wonderful gift for Christmas, Anniversary, Valentine’s, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Graduations, friendship, and birthdays.

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