Athletic Earrings



?Material:Plasticl&Silicone2 Style:mixed color&black and white,72PCS for each stylewith ziron of the same size

?Gauge: 16G(1.2mm),No harm to the skin.,universal anti-allergy ear needles and Earringseasy to wear.

?High quality, protect your ears from allergies, light and compact. Even if you wear it to sleep, you won’t feel uncomfortable.

?This style is very suitable for use in various occasions and it’s comfortable and beautiful,cute.Many styles, many quantities.even if lost them will not feel regrettable.Black-and-white style is very common, color style is different in size.Multiple choices.

?Whether it’s for your own use or for others, it’s a nice choice.Heart-shaped box packaging, as a gift is also cute.

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